Fall 2015

"Taylor-Made Hands-On

Taylor-Made Hands-On Activities is a highly interactive and very dynamic workshop designed to provide the
teachers with many innovative ideas and techniques that they can utilize as a tool in teaching the Four Language
Skills and at the same time promote camaraderie, sense of comfort, and cooperation
in an ESL or LINC classroom and in the real world.

Participants will be taking away fresh and innovative ideas and ready-to-use handouts beautifully designed by
Andrew Taylor
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Thank you for
Speaking ENGLISH

(LINC 1 & 2)

(LINC 1, 2, 3, 4, &5)

350 Essential
for LINC 1 and 2
I can't believe
I learned GRAMMAR!

The presenter will demonstrate new and
proven techniques for teaching grammar
communicatively using dynamic conversations,
role plays, small groups interviews, pair-work
activities, grammar chants, idioms,
pronunciation drills, voice acting, facial
expressions etc.  The goal of this workshop is
to have the teachers experience learning
grammar communicatively first hand so that
they may be armed with the necessary skills
that they can take away and immediately utilize
in their LINC and ESL classrooms.

This workshop focuses on teaching and
learning grammar communicatively while
engaging in various activities that are natural,
dynamic, practical, interesting, and effective.  
There is absolutely no writing- just speaking.  
Using these activities in your classroom will
make your students exclaim, "I cant believe I
learned grammar!"

Effective Pronunciation Strategies
for Teaching North American English
"A Variety of Hands-on Activities and Strategies
 for Teaching Pronunciation to Second Language   
Learners-  LINC and ESL"
Peel Multicultural Council
6630 Turner Valley Road
Mississauga, ON L5N 2P1
On Thursday,
October 1, 2015  
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.


It is not always necessary for our students
to hear or learn professional pronunciation
terminologies in order for them to
understand and learn to use effective
pronunciation strategies.

What they really need is to experience
easy to remember practical pronunciation
activities to build their skills and become
more independent and self-assured as they
embark into the real world.

Participants will be given opportunities for
hands-on practices that can be immediately
used in the classroom.

Students will develop speech clarity
and listening comprehension
and the skills needed to be understood
by the native speakers
and the ability to follow spoken language.

Presenter:  Andrew Aaron Taylor
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Marsh Parry-Folkes at 905-949-0049 ext. 1360
or mparry@tcet.com