Stephen Charles

The author started writing
poems in Grade Two.  He
said that his former teacher
Mrs. Linda Gough inspired
him to write poems and his
parents supported him

Stephen Taylor wrote all
the poems in this book.  
Pictures in black and white
were illustrated by his
uncle- Robert Gregory
Taylor and colored by his
dad Andrew Aaron Taylor,
who is  also the editor.

"And the world will be a
better place"
is based on
the idea that if we focus
more on our similarities
than differences and
maintain a positive outlook
in life, the world will
definitely be a better place.


"If I could change the world,
there would be no hungry children,
no pollution and no wars.  

If I could change the world,
I would make it a better place.  

When I grow up
I want to make a difference
in the world".

Stephen Charles Taylor

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"And the World Will Be a Better Place"
POEM BOOK FOR CHILDREN Published by ESL Transcend Publications

Daddy look at the leaves!
Orange, yellow and red;
I watch them from my bed;
They look so splendid.

Sweet summer's gone
and now it's fall...

oh scintillating leaves
you're changing colors

and when I think
of my great summer,
it is your smile
that I remember...